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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have pictures of the booths?

A: Yes, we are currently working on updating our website.  Until then, you can find the photos on our Facebook page.


Q: How big are the booths?

A: We have 2 different styles of booths.  The largest is 6'x8' and 8' tall.  When planning space for the booth we request a 12'x12' area.  That allows us to have work space around the booth and put out our table. 


Q: Can you setup outside?

A: Yes, in some situations.  The booths need to be on a flat, dry surface when outdoors.  They also need to be within 100ft of a 3-pronged power outlet and underneath cover (an awning, tent or trees will work).  Generators, unfortunately, are not suitable for the booths and will not work.  

We can only provide open style booths for outdoor events.  


Q: My venue said booths can't fit in the elevator.  Now what?

A: That is no problem for us.  Unlike the old school "Big Box" booths that have to be rolled in on a cart, ours are modular and break down into smaller pieces.  The heaviest of which is under 40lbs.  So far no elevator has ever defeated us.  


Q: Is gratuity included in the cost of the rental?

A: No, we do not require gratuity from our customers. That said, if you feel your booth attendant did a great job, it is a great way to let them know.


Q: Do you require meal service for the attendant?

A: No, meal service is not expected, but it is always nice.  


Q: What size are the photostrips?

A: The photostrips are 2"x6".  For every session in the booth 2 photostrips are printed.   


Q: Do you provide props?

A: Yes, props are included with all of our packages. The props we provide are always being updated.  They typically  include an assortment of hats, masks, beads, necklaces, boas and sunglasses.


Q: Are you guys insured?

A: Yes, we provide photobooth rental services at over 250 events a year. So for us insurance is a must.  If your venue or organization requested to be listed as additionally insured let us know and we will get you the proper forms promptly.  


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Our policy is as follows.  If you cancel your event with more than 3 months notice you are eligible for a full refund.  If less than 3 months notice your are eligible for 50% refund.  If less than 1 month notice no refund is available.  The non-refundable portion can be applied to another event. 

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